We are experienced, sophisticated, clear, and action-oriented.

Our comprehensive planning, advice, and ongoing support help our clients realize their goals.

As businesses grow, they reach a point where they need to add the guidance of a strategically and operationally minded financial executive, yet many are too small to justify the cost of a full-time CFO.

That’s where we come in.

Strategic planning, budgeting, and tracking

Get on track and stay on track

We begin our engagements by asking our clients, “What does success look like to you?” Some want to triple in size. Others want to delegate executive management to rising talent or a successor. And others may want to raise funding or sell. There are as many dreams as there are entrepreneurs.

Together, we define that dream and the steps necessary to realize it: strategically, financially, operationally, and emotionally. This vision is captured in a detailed plan against which we measure progress together.

Financial and operational analysis and decision support

Make informed, data-driven decisions and follow through

We work to develop well-reasoned solutions to our clients’ most challenging business decisions. For example, a client may be interested in adding office locations, changing its pricing model, or modifying its incentive structure.

Our recommendations, which are informed by financial and operating data and grounded in common sense, are logically presented in our clients’ language. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand the cascading effects of big decisions, and design action plans for thoughtful implementation.

Process and structure improvement

Get your house in order

We work to improve our clients’ infrastructure to ensure the platform is in place to support their goals.

From the outset, we examine and improve clients’ existing reporting structures, financial statements, and key performance indicators – just to name a few. This groundwork helps our clients build flourishing businesses on solid foundations.

“My tax accountant speaks in tax forms, my attorney speaks in legalese. With Scanlan Consulting I finally got what I really needed: someone who spoke business.”

Andre Lavoie
CEO and Co-Founder, Clear Company

“We were looking for more than a bookkeeper - we wanted a thought partner. Fortunately, we found just that with Esther (Scanlan Consulting). She’s not just a CPA. She’s a CFO, a business partner, and a strategist as well. A one-stop-shop for all your financial needs.”

Tyler Simmons
Managing Partner, SEW Creative

“Scanlan Consulting has taken away so much of the murkiness that comes with business, and given us the tools to manage ourselves more effectively. Even then, I don’t want to make major decisions for the company, financial or not, without running it past them because I know I’d miss out on the invaluable and comprehensive insight that they help provide.“

Jessica Vann
CEO, Maven Recruiting Group