Your Partner in Growth

As a valued and disciplined thought partner, we help you confidently take the right steps to help your business reach its full potential.

From Vision to Reality

Our clients are adept in their crafts and passionate about their customers. They have big goals and big dreams. We work alongside them in their endeavors to create strategies that turn vision into reality.

From Uncertain to Activated

Our clients ask for assistance with the “tough calls” that have the potential to transform their businesses. Using a data-driven approach, communicated in their language, we help our clients move from evaluation to action.

From Reactive to Proactive

Our clients regularly face new challenges. We invest in relationships with their leaders to help them anticipate, evaluate, and act – turning these challenges into opportunities.

Actionable strategic and financial advice that works for your company

“My tax accountant speaks in tax forms, my attorney speaks in legalese. With Scanlan Consulting I finally got what I really needed: someone who spoke business.”

Andre Lavoie
CEO and Co-Founder, Clear Company

“We were looking for more than a bookkeeper - we wanted a thought partner. Fortunately, we found just that with Esther (Scanlan Consulting). She’s not just a CPA. She’s a CFO, a business partner, and a strategist as well. A one-stop-shop for all your financial needs.”

Tyler Simmons
Managing Partner, SEW Creative

“Scanlan Consulting has taken away so much of the murkiness that comes with business, and given us the tools to manage ourselves more effectively. Even then, I don’t want to make major decisions for the company, financial or not, without running it past them because I know I’d miss out on the invaluable and comprehensive insight that they help provide.“

Jessica Vann
CEO, Maven Recruiting Group