Scanlan Consulting is a consultancy firm providing companies with strategic, operational, and financial advisory services. We work with entrepreneurs and businesses across the United States who are passionate, know their industries, have clear goals for their organizations – and also appreciate that they need a sophisticated partner in realizing these goals.

We provide that support by helping our clients make sense of their numbers, delivering critical and impactful insight and advice on their finances and operations, and developing clear and actionable plans to reach their desired objectives — whether it’s growth, acquisition, or even world domination.

Although we are sophisticated professionals with backgrounds in accounting and finance, we are careful to speak in our clients’ language. And we enjoy it!  Many of our longstanding clients have also become true friends.

Meet Esther

Throughout her career, Esther Scanlan has worked with entrepreneurs and privately held companies to clearly understand how their organizations work and how to drive better results.

After graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Esther began her career in public accounting. While working with companies in a variety of industries and sizes, she learned early on she had a particular affinity for entrepreneurs. Early in her career as an auditor, Esther realized that she could not sit on the sidelines making observations as to how a company might improve. Rather, she wanted to be hands-on in finding solutions and see them through implementation.

More than a decade later, she combined these insights and founded Scanlan Consulting, a company dedicated to partnering with business owners to empower them to have all the information and direction they need to make the best decisions for their organizations.

“My tax accountant speaks in tax forms, my attorney speaks in legalese. With Scanlan Consulting I finally got what I really needed: someone who spoke business.”

Andre Lavoie
CEO and Co-Founder, Clear Company

“We were looking for more than a bookkeeper - we wanted a thought partner. Fortunately, we found just that with Esther (Scanlan Consulting). She’s not just a CPA. She’s a CFO, a business partner, and a strategist as well. A one-stop-shop for all your financial needs.”

Tyler Simmons
Managing Partner, SEW Creative

“Scanlan Consulting has taken away so much of the murkiness that comes with business, and given us the tools to manage ourselves more effectively. Even then, I don’t want to make major decisions for the company, financial or not, without running it past them because I know I’d miss out on the invaluable and comprehensive insight that they help provide.“

Jessica Vann
CEO, Maven Recruiting Group